July 7th, 2020

My mother called me on the phone absolutely hysterical last night. She told me animals are being found mutilated in farms all over the county. The first case happened last week and everyone had assumed it was an animal that had wandered out of the woods during the night, but now that a second farm in the area is reporting similar incidents, police are starting to think foul play is involved. My mother says the locals are talking about Mr. Skinn again. Even though Henry Hopkins was committed last month, residents are worried that a cult he started is making animal sacrifices in his name. There’s no evidence that the two are connected, after all, police said they never could find anyone who had even come in contact with Henry during his killing spree, let alone helped him. However, it is concerning. At each farm, exactly 6 animals were killed, and strange symbols were found on the surrounding barns. Because of this, the locals have dubbed the alleged cult “The Satanic Six”. Plus, all of this happening so soon after Hopkin’s trial, especially when the area has been known for its quiet hospitality, it seems like it can’t be coincidental. Whatever’s happening back home, it feels like the worst is still imminent. 

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October 7th, 2020

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